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Sever Your Roots - Vinyl (Double LP)

Image of Sever Your Roots - Vinyl (Double LP)


This item is currently available at
Youth Conspiracy Records or
No Sleep Records

Double LP on two heavyweight 140-gram vinyl records. Available in clear or black vinyl.

1. New Home Life
2. Our Holy Ghosts - listen
3. The Constant
4. Roots
5. Escape To The Mountain...
6. The First One To The Scene Of...
7. Unwriting Our Songs
8. Mutiny - listen
9. Rum & Cigarettes
10. Because This Is How We Speak - listen
11. It's Raining At Indian Wells
12. What You Call Thought Control...
13. An Instrument - listen
14. Apologies

Produced by Jeffro & The Felix Culpa

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